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Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) in Clinton is born!

June 1893

In 1893, things were a lot different, but we know that one thing must have been the same: a group of committed, thoughtful Christians gathered to worship God each Sunday. The way that group of people, and their worship, looks, sounds and feels has changed over the years as well. Could Rev. Albert Flick have imagined a woman in the pulpit? Or four women pastors in a row? How many colors has the carpet been, and is our newly installed burgundy a color that would have made our forebears cringe or swoon?


One Major Difference over the last 125 Years...

June 1993

One of the major differences in our church over the last 125 years is who is part of our community. Since our last big anniversary in 1993, our church has become home to quite a diverse group of people. Almost half of our members are immigrants from Cameroon, and our worship reflects a variety of cultural heritages. As Brazilian immigrants have begun to settle in Clinton, we have also become home to a new Brazilian Presbyterian church plant. We are the only publicly visible LGBT-friendly church in town, and we pride ourselves on our mission of welcome. Our mission statement is printed on the front of every bulletin: The mission of the Clinton Presbyterian Church is to reflect the love of Jesus Christ in our church, community and the world. We do this by welcoming ALL who want to worship and learn about the love of God. We welcome people of all ages, sizes, races, orientations, genders, ethnicities and financial statuses. Come, let's journey together!

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Launch of the "Hope and a Future" Campaign

June 1, 2018

This year of our 125th anniversary, we are launching the “Hope and a Future” campaign: a campaign to raise $12,500 towards building an elevator in our church and providing for our future. The name of this campaign comes from the prophet Jeremiah’s words to the exiled Israelites, when God told them that they should no longer worry about what had happened in the past, but start to invest in their lives right now. That they should build homes, give their children to one another in marriage, and work for the welfare of their city. How could they even begin to take up this work after things had changed so much? They could do it because God promised them they had a future with hope. And so do we.

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September 2018

Celebration Dinner Announced

September 29th, 2018

As we continue to live into our identity as a church that welcomes, we seek to improve our accessibility. Accessibility to us means that everyone can see, hear and participate in Sunday services and church activities. In order to provide access for all to our second-floor sanctuary, we will install an elevator at the end of this campaign! We will be selling some property and raising money with a celebration dinner throughout the year. At our dinner on September 29, we will announce our progress toward our short-term goal to raise $12,500! Will you help us get there?

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125th Anniversary Celebration Details

Staring NOW, 2018

125th Anniversary Party
The party was a success and we're so grateful for every donation and all the support. You can still donate to the Anniversary fund, it's not too late!

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Although the Anniversary Celebration party has passed, you can still donate to the Anniversary fund!

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